How to help

  • $6,000 – to bore a water well in a remote village named Ojimbingwe
  • $5,000 – to provide 10 pregnant cows ($500 each) to 10 farm families
  • $4,000 – to provide 50 pregnant goats to 40-80 farm families
  • $1,500 – to provide an irrigation system for a 15 hectare community garden
  • $700 – to provide 100 chickens to 25-50 families
  • $800 – to provide 1 million vegetable seeds for a community, school and individual gardens

One time or monthly tax deductible gifts of any amount may be sent online at our website,, or by check to our treasurer’s address. Indicate Namibia and your desired project on the memo line.

$100 – Support A Child – Coming alongside vulnerable & orphaned children by providing preschool and public school tuition and school fees for those most destitute. Promoting education as the key to the future.

$50 – Animal Husbandry – Sharing a gift of livestock and training as a long-term solution to hunger and poverty. Provides one pregnant goat or ten chickens to a destitute family for food, income and an opportunity to become more self-sufficient.

$25 – Economic Empowerment – Provides a micro-business loan to ignite the entrepreneurial flame of the poorest, enabling them to earn their way out of poverty.

$10 – Seeds of Hope – Provides one family gardening techniques and a year’s supply of vegetable seeds for doorframe gardens.

OKUHEPA (Out of Poverty)

Committed to empowering so many, known to so few.