A letter to viewers: The start of open hands/get involved

It began over twelve years ago in 2002 when my brother Paul, who went to heaven in February 2005, sent me a goat for Christmas, not literally, but as a gift to be given to change a poor life somewhere in the world. It instantly created a spark in my mind, “to reach a person’s heart, meet an immediate need.” Thus began a significant change in my journeys to Namibia. As important as building relationships, it was also the gifts (thanks to so many of you known too so few) of vegetable seeds, chickens, goats and cattle that were beginning to make a difference and opening their hearts to a message that would change their lives forever.  Since 2003, and especially since 2010 when I was called fulltime to Namibia, a multitude of lives have been physically improved and an untold amount of hearts has been changed for eternity.

As OPEN HANDS TO AFRICA, a non-profit charitable organization, formed in 2008, continued to grow and nurture families through projects from livestock, providing micro-business loans to proven entrepreneurs, community/school garden projects, irrigation systems and village wells. For the balance of 2014 I invite you to join with me for the opportunity to change lives. The goal is $32,300 to include the following projects:

$15,000 – to provide a 4x4 replacement vehicle (Toyota pickup double cab) lost in a serious accident in February. By God’s grace only non-life threatening surgeries were necessary to get be back on the playing field.

  • $6,000 – to bore a water well in a remote village named Ojimbingwe
  • $5,000 – to provide 10 pregnant cows ($500 each) to 10 farm families
  • $4,000 – to provide 50 pregnant goats ($80 each) to 40-80 farm families
  • $1,500 – to provide an irrigation system for a 15 hectare community garden
  • $700 – to provide 100 chickens ($7 each) to 25-50 families
  • $800 – to provide 1 million vegetable seeds ($8/packet) for community, school and individual gardens

One time or monthly tax deductible gifts of any amount may be sent online at our website,, or by check to our treasurer’s address below. Indicate Namibia and your desired project on the memo line.

Most of all I covet your prayers for boldness, discernment and direction in a barren land.  I look forward to sharing His victories.
Larry Sherman